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First Dance

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Flitterwochen, líbánky, Honeymoon

Well… it looks like we are heading to Europe! We have decided on a tour that travels through the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria with bookend “non tour” stops to Berlin and Munich.

Some highlights we are looking forward to

  • Bavarian Alps ice cave
  • Berchtesgaden salt mine
  • Strudel and pretzel making classes
  • Hellbrunn castle aka the Sound of Music house
  • Dinner at the oldest restaurant in Austria
  • Oktoberfest!


First step: Tim has to find his lederhosen..

She said yes to the dress… three times

We had such a fun and productive weekend! Tim and and I were able to taste half of our menu awhile back…but on Friday my parents were able to taste the other half. Everything was delicious and the Caterist again went above and beyond with their customer service.

On Saturday, the Mays + Rimnac clans were able to meet up at the wedding venue to view it for the first time. The meeting at the venue was really helpful so now when we talk to our parents about details..they can actually picture it. I think the funniest part of the visit was my dad measuring everything in the venue. He wanted to bring tape to map out tables..but we said no.

After the venue visit, the guys headed to the Cubs game while the ladies left for dress shopping. For dress shopping, I invited my mom, Mrs. Rimnac, My FSIL Maggie and my Aunt Sarah. Tim’s sister Kristy who lives in Colorado could not make it. She did however send in her votes via text message. We started out at Sarah Seven which I think was the best place to have your first ever dress fitting at. We had the whole studio to ourselves which was so nicely furnished. As we drank champagne, I tried on about 8 dresses and narrowed it down to 3.

After Sarah Seven, we headed to the Gold Coast to try one some dresses at BHLDN. BHLDN (pronounced beholden) was nice and we had our own large dressing room with couches for everyone. I tried on 7 dresses and.. I bought one! It looks pretty and I like it.. that is all you get.

On Sunday my mom and I went had an appointment at J Crew for some more dresses. Guess what.. I bought 2 more dresses! I have 3 dresses heading my way and thanks to great return policies, I am able to return some of the dresses up until the day of the wedding.

Things I knew going into dress shopping:

-I was going to get a dress

-I did not want a ball gown or any structured skirt

-I did not want any sequins or beading

-I want to be able to dance (very important to test out while wearing the dress)

– I want to be able to go to the bathroom unassisted

Things I learned:

-They serve champagne everywhere

-You may love a dress online..but hate it in person

-If a dress is so tight that you can’t get up on the pedestal..that probably isn’t a good sign

-You can basically tailor anything in or on a dress.

-So many different types of lace

-I thought I wanted a shorter dress..but once I tried some on I felt like thay were not formal enough. Not that we are having a formal wedding.. but they didn’t scream THIS IS YOUR WEDDING DRESS.

Tuscan Engagement


We are back from our Italian vacation 🙁 We had a great time with Sara’s family and will have a post up soon with some additional photos. While staying in Tuscany, we were able to hook up with Marco and Luigi from Studio Di to take some photos.  It was our only day on the tour to sleep in…but we decided to have a shoot at 7am! The shoot was fun and we even ran into some goats that joined in. Funny story… we turn the corner by the hotel to enter the main road to shoot near some Olive trees and we run into a guy with 3 goats. A baby goat, an angsty teen goat and a mom goat. Luigi asked the goat man if we could take photos with the goats…he said yes but thought it was strange. He warned us to stay away from the mom goat because she was in a bad mood. As Tim and I hung out with the goats, my mom (who was there for moral support/to hold a hair brush) got to talking to the goat man. He asked her how many cows we had in America. Luigi then asked him if he used the goats for milk or cheese…he said no and acted weirded out by that question. A good time was had by all.


Venue Clue

I mean.. this is pretty obvious.


Dear Mr. Postman..where is my ring!

I finally got my ring! You are probably thinking.. wait… in the Photo Booth photos Sara is wearing a ring. Yes, I had a stand in ring. I ordered the ring online from a jeweler I had seen awhile back who is located in New Hampshire.

Fast forward 6 weeks…it ships and I find out it is coming via USPS. As in United States Postal Service. I got the ring within two days of it shipping and everything was great. Just kidding!! It was basically held hostage in the basement on Willis Tower. Even the USPS employee was shocked and confused as to why I would ship my engagement ring through the mail. I didn’t have a choice. Finally…after a lot of back and forth with the USPS employee (who would not even come to the window to talk to me) and the mail couriers for work (who were super helpful and dealt with me bugging them) and for a short while a post office two blocks away claimed to have my package.. event though they never did………….It was delivered to my desk.




It has been awhile. So much has happened since the last post…including our tasting!  We have had a few bumps in the road with wedding planning/my ring, so it was so nice that everything has gone smoothly with the caterer. We have chosen to go with The Caterist. They have been so great and have worked with us to develop a menu that is…uh different.

They allowed us to schedule a tasting after work and kindly gave us directions to their office. When we pulled up we saw this! 

We were able to taste a few items on the menu..and we will do our full menu tasting in July. As we ate our way through the menu, we were serenaded by the “alternative” church they shared a wall with. By serenaded, I mean yelling in tongues. We thought it was funny and added to the experience.



Venue booked!





We put a down payment on the venue!

Father of the Bride

After years of looking through the vast depths of every Target, Netflix library and iTunes store alike, we finally attained a copy of Father of the Bride. And last week I finally saw the wedding movie of the century. For those of you that don’t know, Father of the Bride is about a hard working owner(Steve Martin) of a shoe company and his coming to terms with his daughter recently coming home from studying abroad only to show up engaged to Charlie, a B613 agent, from Scandal.

Understandably, Steven Martin is a bit skeptical and a little on edge, I mean his future son-in-law is an independent communications consultant. Everyone knows that independent is code for unemployed. Wedding planning begins and hilarity ensues. Steve Martin is taken aback by how much everything will cost, but guilt gets the better of him so he eventually gives in to pay for a $200,000+ wedding(we did the math). Of course it’s not immediate, there are a few break downs, including the ever famous hot dog bun scene in the grocery store. I could explain it, or you can just watch it here.

Eventually the wedding happens and other than the ceremony, Steve Martin misses just about every key moment in order to ensure that his daughter has a great time. Just before boarding her flight, she calls her father and tells him that she loves him.

Things learned from Father of the Bride:

  • Hot dog and hot dog bun makers were seriously corrupt
  • Swans need a warm bath before making an appearance
  • Ties with denim shirts were once a thing
  • Blenders make bad gifts
  • Without furniture, the average size house can comfortably fit 250+ people
  • Snooping through someone’s house will lead to wet clothes

Famous Couples

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